I was born and raised in Colorado.  My family taught me to love and respect wildlife at a very young age.  We spent countless weekends camping and enjoying nature.  Wildlife conservation was a very important subject when mentioned at the dinner table.   My Uncle spent most of his life concentrating on preserving the deer, elk, and antelope populations.  He lead the efforts and success of reestablishing the wild turkey population on the Western Slope of Colorado.  

Moving to Alaska was a dream of mine since I was a teenager.  I began my adventure North in 2005.  I have three amazing children who all share a passion for wildlife (especially moose).  

I founded Moose Mamas in 2014 with three major goals.  

1). To give these precious orphaned calves a second chance at life.

2)   To help enhance the moose population by relocating the calves to areas of Alaska where the population needs growth and/or reintroducing new genetics. 

3). To do my part in helping reduce moose/vehicle collisions by relocating calves to remote locations (away from any road systems).

To accomplish these goals, I needed help.  INTERNS!!!  I never would've guessed how important this internship program would become.  These young women have changed my life.  Teaching them to become wildlife caregivers is just the platform for a life changing experience.  My interns and I create a bond that will last a lifetime.  They are the soul of this program and all hold a special place in my heart.  They are my family.  The transformation I see in each of them is incredible.  From the first day they arrive in Alaska to the day I hug them goodbye at the airport...something changes in them (and me).  Over the corse of the summer, these young women become so strong, courageous, and equipped to face the big world ahead of them.  It has become harder for me to let go of my interns than it is to release the calves.  I am a Mama and I love all my babies (2-legged and 4-legged)!  This program has changed my life and I thank God for giving me this amazing  opportunity to make a difference.