In my moose mamas internship I learned what it takes to work with wildlife. It’s not enough just to think animals are cute or to know some facts about the animals. Loving them means putting in a lot of hardwork and time. It means waking up every 3 hours no matter how much sleep you don’t get to make sure that these babies are fed and healthy. It means busting your but to carry a bunch of browse just to take all the used browse down the next day. It helps you know and understand that these beings wouldn’t be anywhere without you and everything that your doing, although they can’t say thankyou, just seeing them grow up into those gigantic adults is all the thank you you get. Because when I die I want to say I helped this world become a better place. And making it so that way these babies can actually grow up healthy and live is enough to say I did something amazing. They wouldn’t be thriving if it weren’t for us freezing to make sure they are warm and comfortable since their mothers arnt there. This internship taught me about the motherhood of Mother Nature, no mater how cruel or unruely the world is, you love your babies and you will do anything and everything to make sure they are thriving. I loved this experience and it has made me want to do others just like it! I loved working with these beautiful animals and it really tested me to see if I had what it takes.